mandag 4. februar 2013

Enhanced eBooks

As the eBook market expands we are seeing a surge in the demand for "Enhanced eBooks." Most authors and publishers only think of video or audio as enhancements, but there are many more things that we can do to make your eBook stand out from the crowd. Because of inconsistent progress in eBook technologies over the last few years, some of these enhancements are limited to specific eBook apps or devices.

The most prominent candidate for eBook enhancements is Apple's iBooks application. We can create great-looking ePub files with features that are unique to the iBooks platform, some of which will not even be valid in the current ePub specification. Please be aware that an ePub file with enhancements will require a new ISBN, one that is different than the print file and different than the standard ePub file built without the enhancements.

eBook Architects - Enhanced eBooks

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