tirsdag 30. juli 2013

Quartz turn everyone into a graphics editor

Quartz creates visualizations — charts, mostly — of data so quickly off the news cycle. The answer involved an in-house tool that made it relatively simple to turn a data set into a chart that fit Quartz’ visual aesthetic.

I was very happy, when tweeting with that tool’s creatorDavid Yanofsky, to learn that Quartz planned on open-sourcing the tool. It’s built on the amazing D3.js — built by The New York Times’ Mike Bostock — which is immensely powerful but also features a learning curve that’s proven a bit too steep for me. Today, that tool, Chartbuilder, is available for your use. (Here’s a chart of Apple’s stock price since May 3 that I made in about three minutes.)

Nieman Journalism Lab

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