lørdag 4. mai 2013

The Rise of the Multimedia Authoring Platform

As described to PW by 10 companies offering a variety of platforms for producing multimedia-enhanced e-books of all kinds, digital publishing is about creating “enriched” e-books and mobile applications that, in the most basic terms, integrate text into a content ecosystem of audio, video, image, animation, 3-D models, and the like. Of most importance is the fact that these companies are making it easier and more cost-effective for publishers to produce multimedia book projects and distribute them quickly across the full range of digital retail marketplaces, including Apple’s iBookstore and App Store, Google Play, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

To make sense of where the e-book industry is heading, PW checked in with a range of firms, including Apple, Aquafadas, Atavist, Bibliolabs, Gutenberg Technology, Hurix Systems, Inkling, The Shadow Gang, Skyreader Media, Vook, and YUDU. While these aren’t the only firms offering multimedia authoring tools, their technologies are among those driving the production of many of the interactive e-books and mobile applications in the digital marketplace.


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